Our Story


It’s all about you

Well, there have been darks and dawns, there have been failures and sighs, there have been times when Dermarium could have ended up like many other forgotten legacies. Many think that formulating is somewhat cool, fun, and exciting; the truth is, like many other traits, it’s just a job. Youth, passion, and curiosity are not enough to keep the forge fire. From time to time, when the road got rough and the exhaustion had reached its peak, we were so close to quitting, but it was you every time fuelling Dermarium’s spirit up. For you, we keep trying harder, improving our flaws, breaking our limits, and going beyond the boundaries. It is you giving us the chance to tell this story, and I chose to tell a story about our journey, about us: you and Dermarium.

Between the Good and the Bad, we chose the Right.

The beauty industry has been drenched in fearmongering tactics, fake reviews, and seeding campaigns with absurd product claims. The market has always been flooded with incorrect, distorted, and misleading information, trying to get consumers to shy away from using CHEMICALS. Dermarium was born in such a situation as our answer to your quest for the truth. Between the Good and the Bad, we chose the Right.Step by step, one by one, we have carefully selected the ‘Right’ ingredients to deliver within our formulations. Clean, simple, and practical with no space for waste; all of Dermarium products are constituted with all functional ingredients and only functional ingredients.

It is the light of knowledge that shines and attracts us all to learn better, to know better, and to progress further.

I have been in the industry long before the birth of Dermarium, listening to your skin confiding, and together we tried to work out solutions.The saturated cosmetic market at that time, still, was not enough to satisfy us. You were seeking the missing miracle potions, and I packed my knowledge and experience to the hunt. It was hard at first: I could idealize and craft simple mixtures, but here came difficulties in finalizing the products from feelings, texture, stability, activity enhancement, and effectiveness. I wasn’t trained appropriately to be a professional formulator, so creating a sophisticated formula is somewhat overreached.The truth is, I could have gone the convenient way of contracting with OEM suppliers offering hundreds of thousands of pre-made formulas ready to go on the market with my name on them, but OEM manufacturers were not the answer. It would have been just another brand in the market without coherence, without personality, without a soul, and I would have failed your trust.The journey got tough …

Fortunately, in my path, I was lucky enough to know this professional cosmetic formulator who has the talent of a witch and is just as passionate and eager to bring a new skincare line to fulfill people’s needs. Having observed the journey since the start and being moved by my enthusiasm, he offered to be my teammate. Sweat and tears, blood and bones, attempts after attempts, failures, and success, we discuss, we fight, we argue, and we learn from each other to work together to deliver our best formulas to you. And that’s how Dermarium was born.The name is the combination of Dermatology and Laboratorium: a skin lab. Unlike other OEM and private label brands, all Dermarium mixtures are developed and nurtured in-house with full control over our process, giving the brand the luxury of picking the right ingredients in the right concentrations, delivering in the right vehicles. The brand carries our experience – knowledge – pride to you and for you.